YouTube Video Clip from Race Across AMerica 2008.  Captured by the RAAM Media Crew just outside Clayton, NM at approximately 1:30am.  Very difficult section through here because the tailwinds from earlier in the day shifted, and now they were right in my face.  
Video Clip shot by Team Morlock member Tom Wendel during RAAM 2008.  Check out the beautiful footage as we cross Monument Valley in Arizona just outside of Kayenta.  Johnny Cash provided a nice soundtrack (as heard in the background).
Video Clip also shot by Team Morlock member Tom Wendel during RAAM 2008.  This was the second morning of the race and we are heading towards Congress, AZ enroute to the first tough climb of the race...the dreaded Yarnell Hill.  Team Captain Mike Perron and John Browne round out  the day crew.  
Video Clip shot by Team Morlock Captain Mike Perron during RAAM 2008.  This was a long rolling section in New Mexico heading towards the small town of Clayton.  Great tailwinds throughout the day (which later turned into horrible headwinds that night, see Video #1).  My lovely wife Kate and day crew driver Vin Daniello are also in the video.
Video Clip shot by day crew on Day 2 of RAAM 2008 climbing towards Flagstaff, AZ.  Very scenic views on this day, but very difficult, steep terrain.  Black Sabbath (my favorite music during RAAM) helped me with motivation.  Mike Desilet, Todd Tallman and Gary Truax made up the day crew during this stretch.
Video Clip shot by Bill Baker during May 2008.  Bill captured the crew filming the Blue Ribbon/Naked Nuggets promotional documentary.  I was following a van while they rolled their cameras.  If you closely you can see world famous director Ben Starkman behind the camera in the back of the van.
Video captured by night crew just before dawn on the second morning of RAAM 2008.  Heading towards Hope, AZ which is also TS4. Mechanic Todd Tallman was behind the camera during this sequence with Mike Desilet driving and Gary Truax navigating.  
Another video shot by night crew Team Morlock member, Todd Tallman.  This sequence was captured just outside Brawley, CA in the first night of RAAM 2008.  I came upon and passed fellow competitor, David Hasse.  Dave returned the favor later on Day 2 near Yarnell Hill just east of Congress, AZ.  
One more video shot in beautiful Monument Valley just outside of Kayenta, AZ during RAAM 2008. Tom Wendel was behind the camera again with John Browne driving and Mike Perron assuming mechanic/food prep duties in the back of the pace van.